Minnesota State Fair and Starting Fair

Hello everyone!

School has officially started for us P2s. I would like to outline the classes that I am taking this semester, as this will give a clearer idea of the new curriculum.

1) Pharmacokinetics: this course is taught as an extension of Drug Delivery from the first year. We are looking to learn more in depth about the drug concentration-time profile. Additionally, we will be learning about ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination) of a drug. It is amazing what happens to a drug once it enters the body via various routes. I am looking forward to learning more about the specifics of ADME, and the factors that increase or decrease the efficacy of a drug. 


2) Cellular Metabolism/ Nutrition: this course fairly resembles Biochemistry. So far, we are learning about the individual steps of glycolysis, and what happens to the glucose molecule as it passes a series of enzymatic reactions. Essentially, this course is about metabolic pathways of certain cellular processes/ biosynthesis, and the errors that contribute to disease states. At the end of the semester, we will be learning about vitamins, herbal remedies, and toxins in food. 


3) Med Chemistry and Pharmacology: As the name suggests, this course is about medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. (Obviously) Different structures of cellular and drug molecules, receptor binding, and medications that bind to them. Notably, alpha, beta, and muscarinic receptors, which are potential and highly promising molecule target for possible drug discovery. As Dustin mentioned, we had a 70-minute, 30-question proficiency exam on our first day of class. Well, it surely wasn’t a fun one. (collapses)


4) Colloquium I : I am actually excited about this class! This course is a version of Pharm IV Paper, but is spread throughout two years. I have always wanted to delve into the research area of pharmacy, and this course just enables me to find a topic I am interested in, and to write a research proposal based on current available data. I for sure would be writing more about this topic, and am excited to talk to my mentor (Dr.Hager) throughout the progress.


Other classes include EPPE, Pharmaceutical Care Lab, and PDAD. In PDAD, we are asked to revisit the concept maps on the definitions of pharmaceutical care. In our next class, we will be teaching P1s on these very definitions! It will be a good refresher for us, and (hopefully) smoother transitions into Pharmaceutical Care for the first year students.


On a brighter, less-scholarly note, fellow Pharmers and I went to Minnesota State Fair last weekend.

Fried Oreos! I am already having withdrawals.

Fried Oreos! I am already having withdrawals.

Beer Gelato--with a considerable amount of (real, not flavor) beer, as to my surprise.

Beer Gelato–with a considerable amount of (real, not flavor) beer, as to my surprise.

photo 5


Other food items we devoured include a giant turkey leg from Texas Steak Out, Alligator sausage, Australian baked potatoes, fried pickles (my favorite from last year), and strawberry kiwi smoothie. Next time, I would try going on the rides and maybe go two days in a row!


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