200 Days of Summer

Hope everyone had a fantabulous summer! I sure had a great summer and secretly wish that the summer could be a bit longer! 🙂 But I guess it’s time to face the real world and learn some more about pharmacy!

WHOAAAAAAA! I can’t believe I’m actually going to be a PD3! ALREADY! Where did the time go?!??!?! That means one more year of classes and then I’m off to rotations! WHOAAAAAAAA! CRAZYYYYYYYY. Okay, enough with this. Let’s do a lil recap of my summer, shall we?

1. Internship full-time at a home infusion pharmacy

2. Nexflix marathon – enough said 🙂

3. IPPE at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital

Unlike last year, students after second-year are required to do a three-week rotations at a hospital. I was fortunate enough to have been assigned to my top choice at Methodist Hospital. Very rigorous and packed schedule! I was assigned to a different pharmacist each day and had the opportunity to observe what they do on a daily basis, whether it’s verifying med orders, warfarin dosing, you name it! I also got to observe some of the tech roles and got to do some unit dosing, delivery, and pulling meds. Very different from where I work since I mainly compound IV drugs at my internship. One of the coolest things was that I was able to observe a hip replacement surgery! Didn’t think I could handle the bloodiness of the surgery but I made it! It was absolutely fascinating to watch!

b1Since our IPPE overlaps with the forth-year’s APPE, we were able to participate in some workshop and discussions together. Here’s Jon holding a bag of fluid. We were out of IV poles.

4. First-year Student Organization Fair 

As the name suggests, we had to show the first-year students what’s hot at the COP!


Representing PDX!!

5. Last but not least…. State fair!

If you live in Minnesota and have never been to the state fair, you’re definitely missing out! Did you know our state fair is the second largest in the nation? I mean I’ve always known it was huge…. but wow! Anyway, as a foodie, I just had to go to the state fair! TWICE! I stepped up my game this year and tried a lot of the new food. And of course I suffered from food coma instantaneously from all the fatty goodness….. Was it worth it? OH YEAH.





Alright, until next time! Off to my first day of school!

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