H.O.P.E Clinic orientation, Kappa Psi Laser Tag Night, and MSHP Mid-year Clinical Meeting

Hi Everyone!

Time sure flies quickly when we are in school. It is almost mid-end September! So far, the start of September has been exciting with meeting old & new faces, attending events and lunch meetings to learn more about student organizations, and networking with pharmacists at MSHP mid-year clinical meeting.

1. HOPE Clinic Orientation:

On September 13th, HOPE executive board from medical and pharmacy school held orientation session for P1 students interested in volunteering at student-run, non-profit clinic in the heart of downtown Duluth. For those of you who are unfamiliar, HOPE clinic is equivalent of Phillips Neighborhood Clinic in Twin Cities. We serve underserved populations and CHUM residents (http://www.chumduluth.org) by examining their basic health issues, and making referrals to nearby clinics if needed.


The orientation itself was separated into three sessions : 1. learning how to take blood pressures, 2. being introduced to the roles in the clinic, 3. tour of the clinic and AICHO (pharmacy located about 3 blocks away). After Ben and I introduced the first year students to taking blood pressures, I ran to the kitchen and joined Allison (2nd year medical student) and helped her with preparing lunch for CHUM residents. After the tour ended, the students sat down with CHUM residents and chatted with them over ham (or turkey) sandwiches, cookies, and chocolate milk. Overall, it was an integral part of the introduction to the year-long service we will provide to the CHUM residents and the community.

2. Kappa Psi Laser Tag Night

Fast forward to the 16th, was the night of laser tag with Kappa Psi brothers, plus first year pharmacy students. It was a lot of fun playing laser tag and arcade game at the Adventure Zone near the harbor in Downtown Duluth.


P1s & P2s & P3s don’t mess around.


SyHui, Elaine, Jaimie and I = Kappa Psi brothers 4 Life

3. MSHP Mid-year Clinical Meeting


mshp lecture

mshp residency showcase

MSHP (Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists) held their mid-year clinical meeting at the Earle Brown Heritage Center located in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. We had to drive on the day at 4 am (now, why would you do that??) but it was totally worth it. The whole day was filled with key note speakers from different hospitals, including Mayo Clinic, Fairview Hospital, and University of Minnesota Medical Center, and more. One particularly interesting presentation talked about Serotonin Syndrome and the difference between SS and NMS. It was interesting that the two diseases are similar in symptoms but their treatments vary according to their condition, so it is imperative to be able to distinguish between them. After the presentations, we also had a residency showcase to learn more about different residency programs offered by schools and hospitals across Minnesota and Mid-West. I had a chance to talk with Dr. Tamara Bezdicek from Fairview hospital in the ICU unit. She showed us around the industry showcase and talked with sales representatives from different pharmaceutical companies. It was an amazing day being able to learn about healthcare issues and meet new people and talk to the residents, sales representatives, and fellow students from Twin Cities campus.

mshp friends

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  1. Dustin

     /  September 23, 2014

    Lazer tag looks like fun.. I haven’t done that in so long we should do that down here (runs off to tell our social chair). BTW It looks like Jamie photobombed you guys there.. lol


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