Twas’ the night before the first Biochem exam

Hello everyone! I hope everything is enjoying the nice weather (I am pretty sure I brought some of California with me).  First, I would like to talk very briefly about the MSHP (Minnesota Society of Health System Pharmacists) mid-year meeting  that I attended last Friday.  The organization primarily focuses on hospital pharmacy, so I decided this would be a good meeting to go to since I work in a hospital.  It was great learning about some clinical topics (I went to a presentation called “Urine good hands” focused on how to dose dialysis patients) and  participating in the student leadership workshop where we did small-group presentations on different hospital pharmacy topics.

Being a student at a very early part of my career, I know I have so much to learn- this learning can should take place in the classroom, the practice site, and professional meetings like this one! While the amount of potential networking was a little bit overwhelming, I am so glad I decided to attend this meeting as a first year because I know what to expect next time.  As a bonus, I got some cool swag- hand sanitizer shaped as an insulin pen and a placebo Combivent inhaler to play with!

Photo Sep 19, 5 36 33 PM

The meeting was at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brookyln Center. It was completely colonial themed!

Photo Sep 19, 5 34 55 PM

My awesome PD1 work friends and I trying to act like we have been here before.


So what else is going on in the PD1 life? Most significantly, we have our first exam tomorrow.  I have been so busy this past week that I realized I had not posted yet! So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and have my post of the week be a poem dedicated to our test tomorrow. I learned in the process that “Twas’ the Night before Christmas” is sort of a long poem……. but I am the master of finding ways to procrastinate so I decided to commit to matching every line with a rhyme… and I guess it was sort of a form of review? While I think my classmates will understand this best, anyone who is even a bit of a science nerd can always appreciate some poetic biology.

Twas’ night before the first Biochemistry exam

‘Twas the night before the first Biochemistry exam, when all through the house
Not a creature was sleeping, but instead wondering: “what is gauche?”
The flashcards were written by fancy colored pens with care,
In hopes that drawing alpha-D-glucopyranose will not be a scare;

We were stuffed with information in our heads;
Knowing we will use it all one day to choose our patients’ right meds
And some using their Keurig, and I drinking my frap,
Thinking about Tuesday when we could finally nap,

When out in the class Facebook group there arose such a chatter,
I sprang to my computer to see what was the matter.
But then away from the page I flew like a flash,
Realizing there was still more I needed to add to my brain’s cache
While I wanted a break to watch a TV show,
I decided to keep studying since there is still some stuff I did not know

When what to my tired eyes did appear,
But a problem telling me to draw not D-mannose, but its reflection in a mirror
With a little old pencil so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment how to draw that molecule as a ball-and-stick
But all the sugars, look somewhat the same,
And indeed are quite the difficult head-game:

Now, Sulfate! now, amide! Now Amino and Phosphate!
On, Furanose! on, Pyranose! on, Haworth or Straight!
To the top of the sugar! is what we call beta!
Now please say! Please say! It can mutarotate into alpha later!

As papers of notes of amino acids fly,
I just look at ones like Histidine and start to sigh;
So I draw them over and over as a form of review
Until I know them all, and their properties too —

And then, in a inkling, I remember proline is aloof
It’s rigidity makes secondary structure go poof .
As I drew it in my head, and then wrote it down
I saw, indeed the way the atoms are placed makes it look round

Many lectures were watched without lifting a foot,
Thank you ITV for letting me re-check the notes that I put;
Watching podcasts in double time is a good old life hack
But sometimes Ferguson writes too fast and I have a panic attack

Those structures—how they were sprinkled! Every lecture, how scary!
Dr. Ferguson said it was easy, but those sphingosines made us wary
Constantly asking him what we would have to know,
Fearing that the contents in our brains would soon overflow
When we learned how to draw the gangliosides covering myelin sheath,
Everyone needed to pay attention, even Keith;

Missing the relaxed days of Becoming a Pharmacist with Paul Ranelli
When we had no exams and could just relax  or eat Pot Belly
But we know the knowledge is essential for developing ourself,
And for knowing the science to pick the right drug off the shelf;

Though next time I know to start studying ahead
So that the night before next test, I can be in bed ;
Getting out at 2:15 tomorrow is definitely a perk
A small Celebration is necessary so I don’t go beserk
And after that I can surely doze
Since it has been a long weekend, don’t cha knows?

Once the test is done, we will all throw out a whistle,
A trick we learned from Julie Johnson one day during BaP, before class dismissal.
Ferguson will take the our tests and disappear out of sight—
Yelling “Happy Monday to all, and to all a good night!”



Well that is all I have for now- I should ACTUALLY go study now.  Next time I post I will have lost my innocence as a pharmacy student, having completed one real test.


Class of 2018, let the odds be ever in our favor!


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  1. Dustin

     /  September 30, 2014

    Brilliant! Urine good hands.. isn’t that Allstate’s motto?


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