A Weekend with the Letter S

The S word

For those of you who live in Minnesota, you know that around here, the S word pertains to that white fluffy stuff that likes to cover the ground starting in about November/December.  Or, if you live in Duluth, October!




While I had figured that snow would start coming soon as temperatures have been in the low 40’s and in the mid 30’s at night, it still came as a shock! It also made me realize that I should start figuring out how I am going to get to church pretty soon, as I have been biking or walking, but who want to do that when the temperature is in the negative digits?

Health Screening

More exciting news is that I participated in my first health fair this weekend!  During the two hours that I was there I got to greet people and help them fill out forms, run the bone density scanner and take blood pressures! I had a ton of fun with my fellow classmates and I am already looking forward to participating in more!

DSC_0059        DSC_0060


Saints Fun

One of the things that I love about being in Duluth is still getting to do things with my friends at St. Scholastica, and this weekend it was homecoming! I got to go rock climbing, which was a plus since at UMD rock climbing cost money.  I even got to climb with my friend’s little brother who is scared of heights! It was fun to encourage someone else on the wall vs. from the ground.

DSC_0064      DSC_0068


And of course homecoming wouldn’t be homecoming without the football game!  I got to catch up with friends that I haven’t seen since last December and meet my friend’s mobility dog, Parker!  It was also a great football game to watch as we were losing the entire game and then came back in the last 6 minutes to win! I am one of those people who only enjoys watching football live and when it is a close game. It is just so boring when one team is winning by a mile.

DSC_0079  DSC_0076 DSC_0089

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