Oh what a difference a week makes

This weekend I sadly don’t have a nerdy poem to share since I had both school-work and work-work do occupy my time. Regardless, I’ll give a quick update on the week and the drastic changes that have gone on in my life.

1) I officially become a coffee drinker: I have always been a bit tentative about caffeine since I have a theory that I have extremely slow caffeine metabolism that makes one cup of coffee at 6am keep me up all night…. I guess pharmacy school was able to some how rev my caffeine metabolism up because apparently now I can sleep just fine, even with my nice big cup of coffee every morning.  I discovered this as I slowly transitioned from decaf to 25/75 to 50/50 to 100% of the real deal.  Thankfully the CHIP center, aka the Center for Health Interprofessional Program Center (just kidding, no one calls it that!), realizes the need of health professional students to drink coffee ( and realizes the need for health professional students not to spend all their loan money at the coffee shop) so it offers 25 cent coffee all day every day.  Finding quarters now has a new meaning.

2) It got cold: while it was 80 degrees last sunday, just 5 days later it almost snowed….. talk about some crazy moving and shaking going on in the atmosphere.   Since snow is not a common occurrence where I lived in California (though  just to clear up any misconceptions,there IS snow in California,), I was way overly excited about the chances of snow.  While I was a bit sad the snow never actually materialized, I was glad I had this small taste of winter so I could come to the realization my current “winter” coat was not going to cut it.

2014-10-03 12.24.19

what hasn’t changed:

1) There is STILL free food at lunch! While most of the initial come-to-our-club-meeting-for-free-food-as-we-convince-you-to-join-our-club meetings are over, there are still plenty of opportunities for us starving students. One time was the student ambassador training, where I learned about giving tours and being on the student panel during interviews. It is crazy to think that less than a year ago I was the one interviewing!!!   Also, on October 1, the beginning of National Pharmacists’ Month, there were pharmacy trivia, cupcakes and photos with Lucy in the lobby of Weaver-Densford hall.  Charles Shultz, the creator of “Peanuts” was born in Minneapolis, so the Academic Health center has giant peanut characters sprinkled about in medical clothing…. makes for a good photo opp.

2014-10-01 12.32.04

Happy National Pharamacists’ Month!! Know your pharmacist, know your medicine!

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