Fall “Break”

So the word “Fall Break” seems like a simple enough concept.  Us hardworking pharmacy students have been hitting the books (er, ipad) hard for the past two months and deserve a little break time to just hang out, binge watch TV shows and sleep until noon.  Let’s break down the term to see how much it really applies:

Fall (n):the season of the year that comes after summer and before winter; autumn.

Well let’s ask ourselves, is it fall? I would say yes; this picture epitomizes that wonderful season full of pretty leaves and pumpkin spice lattes that is nestled between summer and winter.

Photo Oct 16, 5 16 33 PM

Moving on to….

Break (n): (1) an abrupt, significant, or noteworthy change or interruption in a continuous process, trend, or surface (2) :  a respite from work, school, or duty.

While we indeed did not have school this past Thursday and Friday (aka an abrupt, significant, or noteworthy change or interruption in a continuous process), I would not go as so far to say that this has been a break from work, school or duty. On deck for next week: 3 exams,  a paper, a pre-lab, a post discussion, and probably multiple things I am forgetting and a handful of other things I totally should be doing. So this long weekend is more of just a nice break from being pressed for time every moment of the day, but there is still plenty to be done… oh, the life of a pharmacy student.

Luckily, lots of exciting things have been happening in the midst of all this school work both last week and this next coming week so I can somehow stay sane throughout.

1) Kappa Psi pledging process: I am not quite sure how much about all this I can say since I am pretty sure I am somewhat sworn to secrecy, but I can say that I am very excited to be joining one of the three professional fraternities of campus! All of the fraternities place a large emphasis on community service, networking and professional development.

2) Phillip’s Neighborhood Clinic: U of M has an amazing student-run clinic that gives students hands-on experience applying what we learn in an underserved population.  Last weekend we had the PNC orientation, which was a great opportunity to see the clinic, learn about clinic flow and meet some of the students from other health schools that we will work with!  While first year students have more general roles around the clinic (For example, I am involved in research and other students are patient advocates, community health workers or front desk clerks), in the next years we get to directly apply our pharmacy knowledge as Pharmcare clinicians by helping the team come up with a treatment plan for patients.

3) Pharm Phutballers! We do have a little time for fun (or we make time at least) so I played on our Pharmacy intramural soccer team that played in the TCF Bank Stadium soccer league. While we did make the playoffs, we sadly lost to a team who most likely had about double the sleep that our team had the night before (our last game was on  monday evening, and both PD1 and PD2 had exams galore that day!). Regardless- it was a great season!

Photo Oct 13, 8 42 37 PM

GO Team!

That is all I have for this week- happy studies to all my classmates!

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