Is Third Year Still Happening?

Hello readers,

It’s been a while, a long while. I blame third year. Second year was rough with exams every week, and so much to learn. Third year is proving to be a different kind of difficult.. difficult to stay motivated! I see the light at the end of the tunnel.. it’s so close! But it’s so very difficult to stay motivated and keep up the drive to get things done. There’s so much going on outside of school. I had two weekends of festivals (garbas!), fall break, and our new year is coming up. Not to mention APPE selections are open until the 30th! I’m still studying and learning wonderful things, I’m just not being very proactive. I’m still very involved, I just spend less time paying attention in class and more time on emails, agendas, and meeting ideas. You could say I’ve started a senior slide, but the important thing is that I learn from my mistakes, and that you do too!

One of my bigger struggles is finding a topic for a PharmD IV paper. It’s hard for me to picture working on something for an entire year and not losing interest in it. It’s not that I don’t love pharmacy, it’s that I don’t love papers. So for all of you pre-pharmers, PD I and PD II students, start thinking about a topic NOW! Start doing research NOW! You’ll thank me for it later.

I’ll work on coming up with more pearls for you all during my next few weeks of intense laziness and slacking. Hopefully you’ll hear from me within the semester. But don’t hold your breath. Motivation. Is…… eh.. I’ll figure out something crafty later..

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