Gone With the Wind

Gone with the wind: fall break that is. It seems as though yesterday I was both excited and grateful for arrival of the fall break. Since then, the time has flied so quickly, and so did the colors of the leaves! Over the break, I went down to Illinois to see my family, and went to see some beautiful leaves in Starved Rock State Park in Utica, Illinois. For anyone who is an avid lover of hiking and/or taking pictures, I would highly recommend it.

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Just before the Fall Break, we had a pharmacology exam I that was 40% percent of our grade. We had had a practice exam the Monday before, a high-stake, low-grade exam, that was only 5% of our grade, meant to help us prepare for the real exam. Well, this was good because it gave me some realistic sense of how much studying was needed to be done. During the real pharmacology exam, with the materials tested on hypertension medications (ARBs, ACEI, diuretics), I hope we all did better than the excruciating pain practice exam brought. So when it was done, it was time for some celebration with friends and, of course, food! We went out to Va Bene to have some delicious food (recommend: steak tip salad)


And this aethereal view of the Lake Superior overlooking the Aerial Lift Bridge: *jaw drop*



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