Small World

Since day one of pharmacy school, our professors keep telling us about how  small the world of pharmacy is. However, I had forgotten that Minnesota itself is also a small world until yesterday that is…

Yesterday marked the second to last Health Fair of the semester, held in Braham, MN. The health fair itself was held in their community center; which was a LOT nicer than I was expecting for a town as small as Braham.


While this health fair was not as busy as some of the other ones’ I’ve been to, the slower pace was nice because it really allowed us to take the time to talk to the people coming in.  So much time that as I was talking to one of our preceptors towards the end that we had time to discover that she had just received an invitation from my friend to her grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary! Of course this resulted in a “how is she doing/what is she up to?” conversation. As we continued talking we then discovered that last year one of my classmates from high school had done an internship in Braham and had stayed with them! And just when I thought that was it, I mentioned that my Dad had played here with his band a couple of months ago and it turned out she had actually talked to him that night!

After receiving such a nice reminder of how small the world of MN is, I guess it is time I start taking our professor’s more seriously/actually believe them when they they tell us that Pharmacy is a small world.



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