Remember, Remember, the 10th of November

Hello everyone! I’m going to keep this short and sweet today but I miraculously woke up early and decided I couldn’t not update my blog:

So November 5th was pretty unremarkable if I remember correctly (I can’t even remember- case in point).  But today, November 10th is a whole different animal. Here is what I am up against today:

2014-11-10 06.03.57


WINTER IS HERE! For those who don’t know, that white fluffy stuff is snow.  I will never forgot the moment of waking up and having the parking lot be transformed into a winter wonderland.  While snow is all good and dandy from the comfort of my room (from which this picture was taken), the four minute walk to the light rail is going to set the tone about my attitude for winter…..potentially forever.  Monumental stuff.

Here is the second thing I am up against today:


Effat S. Emamian, AKT/GSK3 signaling pathway and schizophrenia, frontier molecular neuroscience

Today we have an exam on cell biology, which means we need to be able to articulate the importance of (thankfully not memorize!) this slide above and about 100 other just as scary.  In short, this one  says:  all roads lead to AKT.  Let’s just hope those roads aren’t snow-covered madness and chaos like they are going to be here today.

I’m still holding out for a snow day (so I wouldn’t have to brave the snow OR cell biology), but since I’m doubtful about that, I will just think of day as character-building.

I should probably start bundling up for my first MinneSNOWta experience! Until next time!


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