It’s Snow Big Deal

Hello everyone!

This past weekend has been a somewhat “relaxed”  relative to many others, which gave me a good chance to catch up on some sleep and all those “optional” homework assignments that have been pushed to the back-burner.  This weekend I also tried to brave the cold and go running outside while it was snowing.  While dodging extremely hardcore tailgating gopher fans by the football stadium, I managed to only slip once and did not experience any hair or eyelash freezing… I would call that a win. Though I’m not quite sure if my wardrobe  of  2 bottom layers, 2 top layers and a jacket is a  sustainable practice for the sake of how much laundry I will have to do. But really, even being coddled in sunshine and warmth in California, I am surviving just fine in the snow… it’s snow big deal.

This week I had a fun event for my fraternity, Kappa Psi, at a delicious Greek restaurant called Gardens of Solinica.  For us starving students, having an amazing 5 course meal (ok, maybe not 5 but close), was an absolutely wonderful thing to accompany brotherly bonding.  There was also a speaker, Stuart Remus from Cub Pharmacy, who talked about what Kappa Psi was like back in the day and about all the great memories he has from his experience.


This week also marked the last lab of the semester: now on to practicals! My lab this week was awesome for three reasons.  1) it was the last one (so no more prelabs!) 2) we got to make what is essentially Icy Hot, which smells like Christmas 3) It was EUTECTICS! (capitalized for emphasis)- for those who don’t know, a eutectic mixture arrises when two solids melt into a liquid when combined . Camphor and menthol, the two active ingredients of our final product, allowed us to see EUTECTICS in action.    My friends and I have coined the twitter handle #EUTECTICS; considering some of the things in our world that get a hashtag, EUTECTICS just deserves one. Our eutectic mixture was not nearly as cool as the one in this video below, but it was still pretty neat.

The third part of this week that made it so great was my class’s “Disguised Dispensing”.  Everyone who signed up was randomly assigned someone to be their “Disguised Dispenser”.  This entails secretly giving gifts to your dispensee throughout the next few weeks.  Every time I go over to the mailbox area, there are at least a few boxes with candy, gift cards or delicious baked goods! I was pretty jealous of everyone who got gifts earlier in the week, but it definitely made my day on Thursday when I came to my mailbox and had a big chocolate bar.  While it is just a small gesture, disguised dispensers have definitely been brightening the days of their dispensees left and right! I would be down to have this be an ongoing thing;  next we should do Secret Santa, then Camouflaged Cupid, then Elusive Easter Bunny, and so on.

That is all I have for now, but I hope everyone stays warm!

Go Class of 2018!

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