Friendsgiving from Multidisciplinary Fields

The long-waited thanksgiving break has begun (and now is almost over..alas I am well-rested). After the big pharmacology exam that was 40% of our entire grade was over last Tuesday, it was time to gather our culinary talents (just in case there needs to be a career switch :)) to have a little friendsgiving.


To the left: spinach salad, steamed broccoli, cucumber salad, kimchi friend rice, and potstickers

IMG_5620Norwegian traditional lefsa: potato-flour pancake eaten with sugar and sprinkles of cinnamon


Pineapple cakes from Taiwan 🙂


This group of friends, I keep in touch from participating in the Global Health Competition last year. One of the good things I gained from this experience, not only from increased clinical and business knowledge, is the ever lasting relationship with friends from medical school, math department, and pharmacy school, of course).

For anyone who is interested in learning more about this world-problem-solving multidisciplinary global health competition, please check out this short video from last year:

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