Reasons I am thankful (aka reasons my bucket is full this week)

Hello everyone! I hope this nice long thanksgiving weekend has been treating everyone splendidly

So I was going to write about my lovely Friendsgiving I had this past week, but then I realized that friendsgiving (or PHriendsgiving for us PHarmacy students) has already been covered on the godogblog fairly extensively.  So instead, I will bore everyone with my cliche “reasons to be thankful” as a pharmacy student post.  So here are the random feelings of thankfulness (or #blessed-ness for those who speak Twitter …..or bucketfull-ness for all my PD1 classmate who speak PHAR 7310) I have had in the past week or so.

Just to clarify, in pharmacy speak, having a full bucket means that you are at your maximum level of happiness and life-satisfaction….but  you always have to be careful of those sinister individuals that try to take drops (or ladles) of water out of your bucket. On the contrary, make sure to spend as much time as possible with those people who can add drops to your bucket (or a constant stream of water with a fire-hose, if you are lucky).

Sorry to get sidetracked: here we go. Reasons to be thankful:

1. Having a wonderful family who traveled all the way up to Minnesota from California to visit me, trading in a 65 degree Thanksgiving for one that featured some negative temperatures.  Not only did we enjoy visiting some relatives in Wisconsin for a delicious Thanksgiving meal, but we also saw the Christmas Carol at Guthrie theater, hit up plenty of pre-black friday deals to get me some real winter clothes and visited Minnehaha falls, shown below. This also goes very closely with #2:

2. Living in a place with beautiful waterfalls that can be enjoyed all year round!  I am constantly astounded by the natural and man-made beauty of Minneapolis!


Photo Nov 26, 2 08 47 PM

3. Having a wonderful group of phriends to spend phriendsgiving with last week.  We were also celebrating a birthday, so we had a delicious meal complete with pumpkin-pie cake (aka Swetha-cake named after the b-day girl), tater tot hot dish (a Minnesota classic), beer cheese soup, taco dip, chicken that may or may not have been a store-bought rotisserie chicken, Three Buck Chuck and cookie butter.  So basically a traditional thanksgiving meal, right?


on to the less photogenic moments of thanks:

4.  Having lots of  extracurricular events to look forward to this week such as a “Cooks with Kids” tonight where Kappa Psi is going to prepare a meal for children at the local Ronald MacDonald house, a presentation to a local high school through the Kappa Psi STI-talk program on Tuesday and inter-fraternal bowling on Wednesday.  Moral of the story for those prospective students… join a fraternity! I should have some good pics next week!

5.  Having my disguised dispenser (not so disguised any more- thanks Angela!) absolutely spoil me with candy, window stickers and a stuffed penguin this past week .  I unfortunately devoured everything too quickly to have any sound photographic evidence.

6.NOT having a Biochem test tomorrow.  Today marks the first day in over a month I have had neither work nor a giant test to study for, so it is so nice to lay around, casually working on some light homework and watching TV.  Which leads into….

7.Netflix free 30 day trial so even poor students like myself can join the Breaking Bad Bandwagon (a while late, I know).  There goes productivity.

8. getting done with finals on Tuesday rather than a Friday! In just two weeks and two days, we will be done with the fall semester, giving us a 3.5 week long, very needed break…. I will soon return back to the golden state full of sunshine, frozen yogurt and surfing (ok, maybe not that last one)

9.  Being able to watch lectures in double time.  I am so grateful for modern technology that allows downloaded videos to be watched in double-speed.  Many times it is necessary to re-watch a lecture for clarification/review or watch one for the first time (due to having to occasionally… or not so occasionally depending on who you are…miss class). Being able to take half the normal time  to do this greatly helps out us busy pharmacy students. Actually, I am thankful all our lectures are recorded in the first place.  Thanks to our ITV-guy Steve! (and his trusty sidekicks Nick, Cameron and Briana!)

10.  I feel the need to have some really significant one for my last one, but the pressure is getting to me since I can’t really think of anything groundbreaking… So I will just say how thankful I am to attend such an amazing pharmacy school and for the amount of excitement I have towards my future as a pharmacist.


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