So much Phood

Hello everyone!

Greetings from Minneosta! While I would love to say “Greetings from California” like my fellow blogger Susan, I won’t be allowed to say that for another 11 days. but 11 days? how did the semester fly by so quick? It is hard to believe that we are on our last week of classes.  While in undergrad it seemed that the impending doom of finals slowly built up week by week, I don’t have the same sense of fear this year; while I have some tests and assignments in the next week, I will dare say that the worst is behind us…… for this semester that is.

It seems to be a bit of a theme that I always update this blog right before a big test and tonight is no exception… consistency, right?   We have a final tomorrow in Social and Administrative Pharmacy,  but luckily it is open book and oral so I don’t plan on losing any sleep over it.  Anyways, what I did I do this past week? Apparently I decided I was in culinary school instead of pharmacy, getting my FooD instead of PharmD, because all I did (besides the usually amount of schoolwork) was cook…but it was all for a good cause.

Sunday: Cooks for Kids at the Ronald MacDonald House in Minneapolis with Kappa Psi.  The Ronald MacDonald house of Minneapolis is a beautiful facility that allows families whose children are in the hospital for extended periods of time to have a home away from home. The Cooks for Kids program provides the families with a home cooked each night .   It was great giving back to the community and I had a fun time whipping together some awesome chili mac with my Kappa Psi brothers.

2014-11-30 17.29.01

Chef Bin ensuring the quality of his preparations.

2014-11-30 18.24.02

The whole gang in our fancy aprons  


Monday: No one is ever hungry in pharmacy school.  Even for our Kappa Psi meetings on Tuesday nights we have sign-ups to bring treats to meetings.  My friend and I volunteered this week and had a grand old time making pumpkin snickerdoodles (contrary to popular belief, every season is pumpkin season) and Oreo cheesecake cookiedough bars… enough said.

2014-12-02 17.31.14 2014-12-02 17.30.25

Tuesday: eat bars and cookies at meeting.  Happiness ensues.

Wednesday: Pinterest what I am going to make for….

Thursday: Bake more desserts. While it somehow eluded me to take pictures of the butterscotch cookies and brown butter Nutella I made, they both turned out pretty dandy.  These were for a bake sale for the CARE for Haiti trip, a service trip that some students take over spring break where they set up a pharmacy for a village in Haiti.

Friday: Day of bakesale! I was lucky enough to see the bakesale in action while giving a tour for interview day! I love being a student ambassador and showing around and answering questions prospective students and my future colleagues… pharmacy is a small world.  As an added bonus to this great week, this past Friday was my interview-ersary, marking the exact Friday that I interviewed up in Duluth.  It seems like yesterday I experienced sub-zero temperatures for the first time as a nervous little interviewee.  Now, I think 30 degrees seems tropical.  What a difference a year makes.

Saturday: Continue to fulfill my role as that friend who always bakes dessert on people’s birthday.  This time it was the Birthday of my trusty guest blogger Keith, so to follow up on Swetha-cake I made last week, this week we had Keith-cake. Keith-cake helped soothe his sorrows after his Wisconsin Badgers had a less than stellar performance against The Ohio State.   I’m still getting used to this whole Big10 football thing, but it is pretty cool watching the Gophers or teams that the gophers have played recently (the badgers and the buckeyes) on TV.

2014-12-06 22.26.00On that note, Go GOPHERS!

Back to my homework.

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