Bentleyville Fun!!

As finals are less than a week away it’s nice to take some time to destress and bring a little bit of reality into your life! I invited my family up to Duluth for the weekend to go to Bentleyville! I have never had the time to go over the last few years and as this may be my last year in Duluth I figured I had to go! What is Bentleyville you may ask? It is a free holiday light show in Bayfront Park in Duluth. The whole night is free full of hot chocolate, cookies, popcorn, you can make your own smore, ice skate, and see Santa!!


I wanted to get the whole Bentleyville experience! There is a train that leaves from the Fitger building that takes you to Bentleyville and brings you back.


Sorry not the best picture-it’s the only one I took on the train. It was my little sister’s first time on a train! She was a little worried the train would tip over (oh to have 9 year old worries!!) However, we made it to the park and back in one piece!!

The night was so much fun! According to the news the day we went had record setting attendance of 18,000 people visiting just Saturday night!! My camera doesn’t take the best pictures but here are a few others from the night.

IMG_0715 IMG_0719 IMG_0709

Here is one great photo from the Bentleyville people themselves!


Now that I’ve had a bit of fun it’s time to study for finals. We have 3 finals this year as third year students-Pharmacotherapy, Med Agents, and Biopharm. The therapy final is on the psychiatric unit, Med Agents is focusing on antibiotics and antifungals, and Biopharm has a variety of subjects. Hopefully they all go well.

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