Back in Action

Hello Blog readers! After a little hiatus, winter hibernation, or whatever you call that thing when you don’t have any school, I am back to blog about the first year pharmacy student happenings in the Twin Cities.  Before I dive into this new semester, I will briefly talk about my break since it did just occupy the past 3.5 weeks of my life.

Over break, I was able to return to California, the land of sunshine (but not actually because it rained at least half the days I was there) and rock the t-shirt and shorts in 55-degree weather.  I have always been that person who complains about being too cold,  so this reversal of roles was quite humorous, me being in summer clothes and everyone else all bundled up.  While I wasn’t able to stay as long as I wanted due to work, I had a great time spending time with family and friends, eating at all my favorite places and running without three layers of jackets on.  After I returned to Minnesota, I worked 12 out of 15 days before school started.  During this time, not only did I greatly bolster my bank account but I also got trained in the IV room which I have been waiting to do for some time now.  Regardless, I was a little tired by the end so I was happy to return to classes.  On to classes:

The first two days of class were meant to ease us into classes.  We have a small course called “Professional Development and Assessment”, fondly called PDADs by us students, that meets a few times each semester to help us decide what area of pharmacy we want to go into, prepare us to apply to internships and create awareness about professional issues.  I must say that I was grateful that someone finally forced me to write a CV, because that is one of those things that is aways hanging behind a fat laundry list of school assignments that never gets done.

On Monday afternoon, we also had a unique event called PED-Rx, which was a pharmacy version of TED talks. We heard some perspectives on provider status and what drives innovation in pharmacy from some of the amazing pharmacists in the state of Minnesota .  We listened to three 15 minute “PED” talks, and also got to converse with a small group and a pharmacist facilitator about these issues.  I think I can speak for my classmates as well by saying it was a very enlightening and inspiring event that reminded us why we are all here in the first place before we stick our noses into the books. For those of you that fondly remembered how much you enjoy TED talks by me talking about this, I thought I would also provide links for a few of my favorites in case you want to occupy the next hour of your life in the most inspiring manner possible. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are Drew Dudley “Leading with Lollipops”  Shane Koyczan: “To This Day” … for the bullied and beautiful  Frank Warren: Half a million secrets

After the nice, relaxed days of Monday and Tuesday, we got back to the grind on Wednesday.  This semester, we are taking Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Delivery II, Applied Pharmaceutical Care, Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Skills Lab II, Pharmaceutical Calculations and the small PDAD class.  I am also taking a Drugs of Abuse elective, which provides an example of many of the unique electives the college offers.

Before class of Wednesday, I decided to take advantage of the free “Yoga Sculpt” class at the recreation center. The first two weeks of classes at the recreation center are free, and after that one can purchase a $50 fit pass that provides access to hundreds of classes that semester.  It just so happened four other of my classmates had the same idea! While we look pretty fresh and lively here, it would be a matter of hours before the soreness  from the class set in and we would be waddling around the first floor of Moos tower that day. It’s not everyday a yoga instructor is asked to take a picture of people in class, but it is also not everyday at 7:45 am that five P1 students are in a yoga class together.

2015-01-14 08.51.08

One of the many things I love about my classmates is the large amount of people who are devoted to engaging in fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle.  Almost everyday there is a large contingent of gym goers both before and after class, which helps motivate everyone to keep with it when things get stressful.

Another thing I love about my classmates? The amount of people devoted to good (and cheap!) food and drinks… after working out, of course. Some of my friends and I thought getting through our first day of classes so far in Pharmacy school that went to 5:30 pm deserved some celebration. Most significantly, during this outing at Groveland Tap in Saint Paul, I had poutine for the first time.


Before coming to Minnesota, I had no idea what Poutine was, so i’ll define it for those of you that don’t know either.  Scratch that, I’ll let urban dictionary define it.  We have

“A Quebec (or French-Canadian) staple, a dish of homemade french fries topped with white cheddar cheese curds and beef gravy (wannabes and some americans have been known to serve this dish with any cheese and turkey gravy). Generally served in a styrofoam container or carton”
sentence: Man, I ate so much poutine my heart hurts!
“A dish originating in Canada, which is possibly the only thing they have that will kill you”
sentence: “I heard Jack was in the hospital”
“yeah, he had poutine for the first time night before last, and had a near fatal heart attack”
Both of these are pretty to the point.  I don’t think i’ll be taking on the poutine diet now, but I’m glad I can now say i’ve had it. One bite was more than enough.
Anyways, that is all for now.  Back to productivity.
Happy long weekend and Go class of 2018!
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