Learning to Think Like an MD

I know what you are all thinking right now, “Aren’t you in pharmacy school?” , and you are correct.  However, over the last three days, I had the opportunity to participate in training some of the newer Med School professors on Problem Based Learning (PBL).  Before Thursday, I had no idea what PBL was!  Problem Based Learning is a learning method where students work in groups to figure out what we know (Data), what they don’t know (Learning Issues), and then work together to find the solution to the problem (in our case, a diagnosis!).

As pharmacy students we are told all the time that one of the main differences between an MD and a PharmD is that we can’t diagnose, so it was pretty cool to work through the process of coming up with a diagnosis!  We started out by examining the data and trying to figure out the significance of the date we were given.  Then it was time to come up with hypothesis, which we then researched more information on that night.  The next day we came back and shared our findings.  We were then given more data from a few tests that had been run, which ultimately allowed us to make our diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease!

Overall, I had a blast, and I even got a little bit of a refresher on the physiology of hearing, which will come in handy for our physiology assessment coming up in our Pharmacology class 🙂

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