Starting Off Right

Hello Readers!

I’m back for my last semester of classroom education… EVER! And I must say I had a great first day back to school. To start, I don’t actually have class on Tuesdays (yay!), but even better, we had the 5th annual College of Pharmacy talent show here in Duluth!

It was a fun night with performances of all kinds from our faculty, staff, alumni, and students. And I must say we have a LOT of talent out there. I’m always a little surprised during the show because I see these people on a daily basis, but I rarely get to see their hidden talents.

And as fun as watching the show is, performing in it is so much better! I had the pleasure of dancing with a great group of fellow PD3 students. We performed a fusion of Bollywood and Garba (a north Indian folk dance). The rehearsals were so much fun and winning the viewer’s choice award made the performance that much more special! But we had some very fierce competition, particularly a flash mob dance from our faculty and staff. I’m pretty sure if they were an option on the viewer’s choice, they would have won! Here are a couple of videos that I borrowed from students

Garba Gabas:

Faculty Flash Mob:

A post performance group picture of the Garba Gabas: Top Row, left to right: Kaity Erickson, Jonathan Pin, Kyle Townswick, Me, Levi Long, Landon Weaver, Meena Murugappan. Bottom Row, left to right: Melanie Campbell, Lauren Kaldun, Alyssa Quitschau

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