The weekend of I: Interprofessionalism, Ice and “I should really be studying”

Hello Everyone! I am going to keep this short, but I just wanted to briefly talk about a few out-of-the-ordinary experiences I had this weekend that nicely complemented the large amount of school-work that I had to complete to prepare for the next week. 1) CLARION Competition Orientation!- No, I did not did a typo and say CLARION instead of Claritin! CLARION, I learned this weekend, standards for “Clinician Administrator Relationship Improvement Organization”, and is appropriately the title of an inter-professional case competition that I am participating in.  In short, each team, which is comprised of four students from different U of M health schools, is given a not-so-short case about a current problem (or should I say,problems) in healthcare.  On March 7, we will be presenting our solution to a panel of judges with the chance of winning $3000 and moving on to the National Competition.  For those interested in learning more about the competition and reading the case, you can visit this link (not to mention we are allowed to consult with outside help, so if anyone has any revolutionary ideas to share with me, I will give you a cut of the prize money ;). In school, we are constantly told the importance of interprofessionalism in the healthcare field, so I am very excited to hear the perspectives of my fellow teammates of different health schools to collectively devise a solution in a fun, competitive setting. 2) Crashed Ice! What is Crashed Ice, you may ask? I had no idea what it was until about two days ago, but now, after attending the event, I can give you quite the accurate description; it is people crashing…. on ice.  Speed skaters from all over the world come to race on a course featuring jumps, sharp turns, moguls.  With four guys (or gals) on the course at once, along with all these elements of danger, there was plenty of crashing and falling.  It is definitely quite the spectator sport and attracted thousands of fans.  I had never been to downtown Saint Paul before either, so it was it exciting to see that the state capital is actually pretty happen’.  Here is a pic of the beautiful Saint Paul Cathedral, decked out with the starting line for Crashed Ice.  What is that vehicle towards the bottom of the picture? An ambulance.  Glad to see there is at least one of those crashing this party. FullSizeRender (1) The first ice sculpture I have ever seen.  I think he was melting a bit in the balmy 33 degree weather. IMG_1505   That is all I have for now! I’m back to the books as we have our first exam of semester II on Friday.  I’m off to get excited about some ligand-receptor signaling! Oh YEAH

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