Sweep Sweep, Study Study

This weekend was the annual Duluth Pharmacy Bonspiel put on by our lab professor Dr. Bastianelli!

For those of us who have never curled before (including me) it was a fun weekend of learning how to curl, hanging out and just having some good old-fashioned fun!  This year’s theme was “Rockin’ to the 80’s” so Friday afternoon after class, my team could be found frantically searching Target, Savers, and Party America to complete our costumes for our characters from The Princess Bride!

Our costumes turned out fairly well-even landing us a spot in the finals for the best costume!

DSC_0270In the end, we did not win any of our games, but we all had a ton of fun learning how to ‘throw’ and Sweep! I quickly learned that sweeping is way harder than it always looks on TV!



DSC_0280 DSC_0329




So what did we do when we weren’t curling? Being the good pharmacy students that we are, we studied

DSC_0271Between the studying and curling, we did take some time to get some awesome food at The Anchor Bar and Grill.  As always, I got my favorite, the Hawaiian Burger (yes, there is pineapple on it)!  They have amazing hamburgers (and super cheap!)!


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