I’m Sitting Here on Capital Hill (sorta)

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to briefly talk about a fun and educational experience I had this morning at Minnesota Pharmacy Legislative Day at the capital in Saint Paul.  In short, today was the annually designated day where pharmacists (and students…..like, a lot of students) from around the state gather to meet with legislators to advocate for our profession. Because our one mandatory class today was canceled to encourage students to attend the event,  I spent the morning learning about different legislative issues currently being talked about in Minnesota such as eliminating technician ratios, lowering the age limit for pharmacist-administered vaccinations and giving pharmacist’s “Provider status” (which we unofficially already have in Minnesota based on the work our pharmacists do).

While I was a wimp and didn’t sign up to meet with a legislator to talk about these issues, I definitely plan to next year; I think us students underestimate our knowledge about the growing field and our ability to articulate how pharmacists can greatly improve outcomes to others.  And, I say this in no way as an offense to the legislators, but I think it is pretty safe to say we know more about pharmacy than they do…. at least, in my case, probably know more about head lice, diaper rash, dry skin and contact dermatitis than they do.  Anyways, I should go back to studying for applied pharm care to make sure I REALLY do.

Go Class of 2018! The future of pharmacy:

Legislative days

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