Taking the Plunge

Hello readers! Sorry for the long time between posts.  The last month (where did the time go?) has been busy with the daily grind of class, homework/studying, work, applications for summer internships, etc.  As such, I haven’t been up to anything too exciting. However, my classmate, Sara, had the bravery to take a plunge into Lake Superior, and was willing to write about the experience for the blog.  So if you’ve ever wondered why so many of us in the northern regions of the U.S. feel the desire to hold Polar Plunges….

The water may look freezing, but it has been warmed by the hearts of hundreds. On February 21st the city of Duluth turned up to see people all do something crazy…. Jumping into a frozen Lake Superior. Over 1000 people plunged into a rectangle cut out of the ice in Lake Superior. Why were they jumping you ask? Were they crazy? Dared to? No, the participants were jumping to raise money for the Special Olympics. The participants raised over $160,000 for such a special cause. Teams from colleges, businesses, fraternities and groups of friends dressed up into costumes and plunged into the lake. Pharmacy students participated in teams made up two of the fraternities.

The excitement that is felt around the event is one that is contagious. Spectators lined up on the ice to cheer the participants on. Participants started the exciting event getting ready to jump. The atmosphere in the participant tent was one of excitement, nervous energy and craziness. Participants were funneled out of the tent to the hole in the ice. Group costumes ranged from princesses and princes to The Lone Rider and High Ho silver to dominos. The water was a beautiful temperature and the volunteers got participants into a warming house right away. After the event participants proudly supported event t-shirts and sweatshirts. All around the town there was support for the Special Olympics. The Polar Plunge is an excellent way to get involved in a cause that will help many people.


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