ATC qd (aka, Pharmacy school is busy)

Hello Blog Readers!

Well, I think I have had my longest hiatus of posting.  What happened to me being that dedicated blogger who updated once a week? Pharmacy school happened.  With multiple quizzes, tests, assignments due each week, along with work and student and student organizations I have comittments to, one could say I am a tad busy.

However, one big weight that has been lifted off my shoulders as of yesterday was the completeion of the CLARION competition, an interprofessional case competition that I naivly signed up to participate in, having NO idea of tremednous amount of time and emotional energy myself and my  fellow teammates, a medical student and a masters of health administration student, would invest, toiling over potential solutions to improve stroke care in the fictious South Tree Health Network (STNH….no, SHTH….wait, STHN…. this was the struggle of our lives).  Being someone who usually prefers learning the nitty-gritty science details  over administration or social science topics, I would never have imagined myself spending hours scouring the internet for articles on bundled payment systems, care delivery models or electronic health record standardization.  Being someone who also usually avoids procrastination on big assignments or projects, I nor would have pegged myself as someone who would stay up all night finishing our presentation to submit, 8 minutes before it was due. But both happened.  I guess we could call CLARION a transforming experience for me.

In all honesty, while I may sound like I am just trying to be a University of Minnesota Academic Health Center Poster-Child by saying this,  CLARION was one of the most educational experiences I could ever have imagined; I have such a deepened understaning about the healthcare system, have learned so much about working with others and have gained quite a bit of confidence in my public speaking skills.  As a bonus, my team walked away with 3rd place, with a cash prize that ensures I was getting at least minimum wage for every hour I spent working on our case…… all I could ask for and more.

While I was busy being all interprofessional this past week, I also was trying to study for our multiple tests and quizzes. While most of our classes are too conceptual to just have flashcards, I did revert to flashcards when studying the 225 abbreviations I needed to know for my calculations test.  My classmates and I found some amusement out of  some of these abbreviations, so we are going to play a little game.  I am going to post some “instructions” written in pharmacy-speak and see how many you can get.  Answers will be on the bottom.

1) Appy top LCD ATC e.m.p. NPO (**hint; nothing to do with LCD xmas lights)

2)  Disp. PPI c. Pb for SZ

3) Take 12 oz. SVR. PO w.a p.c PRN s.os. MR3x.  DC c. SOB 

 Ready for the answers? I am going to post a random picture (actually not too random, this was my fraterninty having dinner with the Dean last month) so you can scroll down to the bottom to see the answers.


1) Appy  LCD top ATC e.m.p. NPO= Apply Coal Tar Solution topically around the clock as directed.  Not for oral consumption.

2)  Disp. PPI c. Pb for SZ= Dispense Patient Package Insert with Phenobarbital for seizures

3) Take 12 oz. SVR. PO w.a p.c s.o.s. MR.  DC c. SOB= Take 12 oz. Alcohol by mouth while awake after food if there is a need.  May repeat.  Discontinue with Shortness of breath.

These were all pretty obvious, right?

Just kidding, these are all medication errors waiting to happen….which is why we needed to learn them.

Anyways, I should go back to studying now.  Happy March! (winter is over, right?)

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