Brother Bonding and Green Beer!

One of the great things about pharmacy school is the unique opportunities that you wouldn’t normally have otherwise, opportunities like Phi Delta Chi’s Midwest Fun Fest 2015! What’s that you ask? A fantastic weekend of brother bonding in the great city of Chicago! We got to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a green river and a super fun scavenger hunt while meeting and networking with Phi Delta Chi brothers from all over the Midwest region. The people were so much fun to hang out with, the weather was great, and I couldn’t help but spend the weekend thinking how much I want to move to Chicago (as I do with most places I go to for a vacation). I really wish I would have taken more of these opportunities to attend regional and national events. I say this to prospective students and I know the class of 2018 has heard me say it a million times: GET INVOLVED! These are unique opportunities to get out and see the world and have fun doing it with people we become so close to in the short amount of time that we’re together. Whether it’s Midwest Fun Fest, PDX regional or national meetings, Kappa Psi Conclave, MRM, APhA Annual, just sign up and do it! Get out there, meet people, make memories, and build bonds that will last a lifetime!

I think these pictures will sum up how fun this weekend really was!

Minnesota at MWFFMinnesota Brothers- Beta Psi (Duluth) and Theta (Twin Cities)

IMG_0156Brothers at the Bean!

IMG_0144“Star gazing” at the Adler Planetarium

IMG_0137Because why not?  IMG_0127

IMG_0117Beta Psi! 

IMG_0092Waiting for the river to turn green

IMG_0101It’s a green river!!!

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