Déjà Vu – White Coat Ceremony 2.0

As you all know, all pharmacy students receive their first white coat prior to first day of class.  Now just in case you ruined your white coat from compounding with coal tar, they give you a brand new one right before rotations! I kid, I kid 🙂 The ceremony actually symbolizes a “conversion” of a student into a member of the healthcare profession!

Ahhh, I remember the first White Coat Ceremony! It was like yesterday… I didn’t know anyone there and all I tried to do was to make awkward conversations with the people around me 🙂 But the ceremony was different this time, because these are the friends who I’ve been with for the past three years!

Anyway, T-mius I don’t know how many days, all I know is I’m going on rotation as soon as finals are over!!!!! 😀

Until next time people! Good luck on finals!

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Meetings Galore and DAP

Hello everyone!

After the last few blogs, you might be thinking that all pharmacy students do is travel to warm places, have fun (though I don’t know if Justin’s description of a marathon can be called fun), and win national competitions. However, the first years have been hard at work studying and taking exams last week! After last week, I was prepared for a week of no tests, and only 2 assignments.

Instead, it seems that instead of spending all my time studying, this week is being spent in meetings instead.  As the end of the school year is less than a month away, many of the organizations I am in are holding elections, transition meetings (so those of us heading up the organization next year know what we are doing), end of year celebrations, etc. Needless to say I have found myself double and triple booked several times this week and it is only Wednesday!  One of the meetings I attended was not actually for a school organization.  Our very own Dr. Palombi and Dr. Brown were speaking at the Duluth Area Pharmacists meeting last night.  They were speaking on pharmacogenomics and its’ role in public health.  Since we have been learning a lot about pharmacogenomics this year, it was great to take a step back and hear about the bigger picture of pharmacogenomics (versus focusing on the details of how CYP2C19 results in different outcomes for patients).  The meeting is also a great opportunity for students to interact with pharmacists from the Duluth area and with our professors outside of class.


New White Coats!!

On Friday the Duluth campus had a white coat ceremony for the third year pharmacy students. We received lovely new white coats to wear out on rotations. Dean Seifert gave us an inspiring speech to send us out on rotations feeling excited. We also had a nice send off from our faculty advisor Dr. Undeberg. For additional fun we came up with class awards for each other to be given out during the white coat ceremony. It was fun hearing what award everyone received!


Here is all the white coats waiting for their new owners!


Here I am with my class award “Future Sommelier.” I’ve been known to offer to have wine parties after stressful exams or weeks of exams!!

We start rotations in less than a month!! I’m both insanely excited and nervous all at the same time! It will be so nice to be out of the classroom, but at the same time I’m a little nervous I’m not ready. However, I know I will learn so much during my fourth year on rotations. Being out of the classroom, I will miss seeing my classmates on a daily basis. We’ve become such a close group on the Duluth campus. We consider ourselves a pharmacy phamily. Hopefully we will still plan some of our usual events during fourth year so we get to see each other. It wouldn’t be Fall without a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with my phamily!


This is me with some of my friends before we got our white coats!


This is my pharmacy phamily!! We tried to do a silly class photo!

Congrats class of 2016!!! I wish you all good luck on your rotations!! But remember to keep in touch!!

Fun in the Sun at APHA

I recently was able to attend the annual American Pharmacist Association meeting in sunny San Diego, California. Last year was my first time attending this conference. As a first time meeting attendee I went to different policy meetings held by the student association. This year as a second year meeting attendee I got to go to different educational meetings. I was really looking forward to being able to attend the educational sessions this year. And as always it is exciting to see which colleges of pharmacy take home the big awards for all of the hard work they do.


Here is a picture of all of the University of Minnesota students that went to APHA

I was able to go to a meeting called Hypertension Alphabet Soup. We went over the many different hypertension guidelines and discussing the good and bad of each guideline. I also went to a meeting called Ocular Symptoms in Your Pharmacy. Our fabulous lab professor in Duluth Dr. B taught this session. We went over many different ocular issues like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Also, at APHA Minnesota likes to have a night for students and pharmacists from the state to get together. We like to call it Minnesota Night!!


Here I am with our Dean and some other students at Minnesota Night


This is some Duluth students with our senior associate Dean on the Duluth campus

I was also just excited to spend some time in the sun. I am over winter!! Luckily I have some family in San Diego who took me all around. We went to Mission Beach to go swimming, saw the seals at La Jolla Beach, spent some time at Coronado Island going through all of the tourist shops, and lounging on the beach staring at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado. We really wanted to get inside the hotel and snoop around!! We attempted to get inside the hotel, but every door we attempted would not let us in. We even followed people up to doors hoping they were staying at the resort and would let us in behind them, but even they couldn’t get into the hotel!! When we got back I learned you can totally go inside the hotel without being a guest!! Next time I’m in San Diego I will have to attempt that!

photo 1-3 photo 2-3

Sorry my camera phone is not the best here is all the seals at La Jolla and the Hotel Del Coronado from the beach!!


Here is me and awesome my roommates during APHA.

The trip was so much fun! I’m not sure if I will have time during rotations next year to attend APHA. If you get a chance to go at some point to attend APHA you should go!!

AMCP Natioanl P&T Competition

Congratulations to our amazing team for getting 3rd place out of 55 schools! Good job guys!


26 reasons why you should never go to a pharmacy conference in California

Boy, am I happy to get back from spring break.  How I missed worrying about tests, waking up early and experiencing Minnesota weather.  Whoever decided to make a pharmacy conference in California was clearly very misguided.  Not only was San Diego a terrible location for a conference, but my travels to other areas of the state reminded me of all of its other flaws that caused me to leave there in the first place.   A picture (or 26 pictures) is worth 1000 words, so that seems to be the most efficient way to chronicle the absolute WORST spring break of my life.  I’ll show you why you should never attend a pharmacy conference, visit California, or make the biggest mistake of all to go to a pharmacy conference IN California.  Photo credit to Abdi Bile, and my excellent travel companions Eric Berg and Swetha Pradeep.

1. The views from hotels in California are atrocious, especially in San Diego


2. The weather forces events to be outside.  Instead of getting a nice room for the leadership reception, we had to be out on a deck overlooking the water.  Terrible, just terrible.

U of Mn COP at the leadership reception in which faculty member  Dr. Brian Isetts received the prestigious Hubert Humphrey Award

U of Mn COP at the leadership reception in which faculty member Dr. Brian Isetts received the prestigious Hubert Humphrey Award

3.  There is absolutely no chance for networking at pharmacy conferences


Abdi Bile, future president-elect of MPSA and photographer of many of these images, with Dean Speedie

4.  It is basically impossible to become friends with  pharmacy students from the opposite campus when you are stuck in a conference.

First years at the Minnesota Night Reception from both the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses

First years at the Minnesota Night Reception from both the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses

5. There is seldom free food at conferences, and when there is, it sucks.


6. No one from Minnesota is ever recognized for anything

Congrats to Lindsey Kubina for winning the patient counseling competition!

Congrats to Lindsey Kubina for winning the patient counseling competition!


7. The plants aren’t interesting at all.


8. There are way too many non-picturesque towns you have to stop in for lunch

San Clemente, CA

San Clemente, CA

9.  Driving is super boring when you just have to go through towns no one has ever heard of



10.  There is absolutely nowhere without traffic to take a nice run or walk



11.  The aquariums, especially Monterey Bay Aquarium, don’t have any cool fish



12. Everyone in California hates Harry Potter



13. All the landscape is dry and ugly

Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods National Monument

14. San Francisco is always foggy



15.  Some redwood trees can ONLY fit two people inside



16. There is absolutely nowhere to find any European influence (or Danish pancakes!) in California

Solvang, California

Solvang, California

17. California is so unoriginal; it’s as if it is stealing its landscape from Apple



18. There are random castles off the highway.  SO out of place.



19. It is basically impossible to find local wine to buy



20. There is no water due to the drought

Vernal Falls in Yosemite

Vernal Falls in Yosemite

21.  It is impossible to find other Minnesotans


22. There are only 399 colleges to choose from


23. There are no hiking trails


24. Wildlife is non-existent


25. It is impossible to fulfill your child-like sense of wonder


26.  California is so unwelcoming.  It’s as if it doesn’t want me to go back again in 2017 for another pharmacy conference.


I hope you could tell this was completely sarcastic.  Thank you to everyone who made this trip the best spring break ever, and I hope to see you at Apha in 2017 in San Francisco!



Hello San Diego!


A little late but my spring break is finally getting started! Super pumped about the AMCP conference here at the beautiful San Diego. Meanwhile, let’s take a selfie 🙂