Fun in the Sun at APHA

I recently was able to attend the annual American Pharmacist Association meeting in sunny San Diego, California. Last year was my first time attending this conference. As a first time meeting attendee I went to different policy meetings held by the student association. This year as a second year meeting attendee I got to go to different educational meetings. I was really looking forward to being able to attend the educational sessions this year. And as always it is exciting to see which colleges of pharmacy take home the big awards for all of the hard work they do.


Here is a picture of all of the University of Minnesota students that went to APHA

I was able to go to a meeting called Hypertension Alphabet Soup. We went over the many different hypertension guidelines and discussing the good and bad of each guideline. I also went to a meeting called Ocular Symptoms in Your Pharmacy. Our fabulous lab professor in Duluth Dr. B taught this session. We went over many different ocular issues like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Also, at APHA Minnesota likes to have a night for students and pharmacists from the state to get together. We like to call it Minnesota Night!!


Here I am with our Dean and some other students at Minnesota Night


This is some Duluth students with our senior associate Dean on the Duluth campus

I was also just excited to spend some time in the sun. I am over winter!! Luckily I have some family in San Diego who took me all around. We went to Mission Beach to go swimming, saw the seals at La Jolla Beach, spent some time at Coronado Island going through all of the tourist shops, and lounging on the beach staring at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado. We really wanted to get inside the hotel and snoop around!! We attempted to get inside the hotel, but every door we attempted would not let us in. We even followed people up to doors hoping they were staying at the resort and would let us in behind them, but even they couldn’t get into the hotel!! When we got back I learned you can totally go inside the hotel without being a guest!! Next time I’m in San Diego I will have to attempt that!

photo 1-3 photo 2-3

Sorry my camera phone is not the best here is all the seals at La Jolla and the Hotel Del Coronado from the beach!!


Here is me and awesome my roommates during APHA.

The trip was so much fun! I’m not sure if I will have time during rotations next year to attend APHA. If you get a chance to go at some point to attend APHA you should go!!

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