Meetings Galore and DAP

Hello everyone!

After the last few blogs, you might be thinking that all pharmacy students do is travel to warm places, have fun (though I don’t know if Justin’s description of a marathon can be called fun), and win national competitions. However, the first years have been hard at work studying and taking exams last week! After last week, I was prepared for a week of no tests, and only 2 assignments.

Instead, it seems that instead of spending all my time studying, this week is being spent in meetings instead.  As the end of the school year is less than a month away, many of the organizations I am in are holding elections, transition meetings (so those of us heading up the organization next year know what we are doing), end of year celebrations, etc. Needless to say I have found myself double and triple booked several times this week and it is only Wednesday!  One of the meetings I attended was not actually for a school organization.  Our very own Dr. Palombi and Dr. Brown were speaking at the Duluth Area Pharmacists meeting last night.  They were speaking on pharmacogenomics and its’ role in public health.  Since we have been learning a lot about pharmacogenomics this year, it was great to take a step back and hear about the bigger picture of pharmacogenomics (versus focusing on the details of how CYP2C19 results in different outcomes for patients).  The meeting is also a great opportunity for students to interact with pharmacists from the Duluth area and with our professors outside of class.


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