New White Coats!!

On Friday the Duluth campus had a white coat ceremony for the third year pharmacy students. We received lovely new white coats to wear out on rotations. Dean Seifert gave us an inspiring speech to send us out on rotations feeling excited. We also had a nice send off from our faculty advisor Dr. Undeberg. For additional fun we came up with class awards for each other to be given out during the white coat ceremony. It was fun hearing what award everyone received!


Here is all the white coats waiting for their new owners!


Here I am with my class award “Future Sommelier.” I’ve been known to offer to have wine parties after stressful exams or weeks of exams!!

We start rotations in less than a month!! I’m both insanely excited and nervous all at the same time! It will be so nice to be out of the classroom, but at the same time I’m a little nervous I’m not ready. However, I know I will learn so much during my fourth year on rotations. Being out of the classroom, I will miss seeing my classmates on a daily basis. We’ve become such a close group on the Duluth campus. We consider ourselves a pharmacy phamily. Hopefully we will still plan some of our usual events during fourth year so we get to see each other. It wouldn’t be Fall without a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with my phamily!


This is me with some of my friends before we got our white coats!


This is my pharmacy phamily!! We tried to do a silly class photo!

Congrats class of 2016!!! I wish you all good luck on your rotations!! But remember to keep in touch!!

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