Thanks for the Memories


Classes – DONE
Status: PD4
Rotations – BRING IT ON!

Seriously don’t know what I’d do without these people! Thanks for the numerous sleepless study sessions!¬†Thanks for always being there when I was riding the struggle bus (or pedal pub… hehe)! Thank you for being my friends. I’ll miss you all when I can’t see you every single day. Good luck on rotations everyone! ūüôā

Time to apply my knowledge and do some real work! Off to Methodist Hospital for my acute care rotation.

PD1 and Done

Hello everyone!

It has been way to long since I have posted, so I thought I just give a brief update of my life now that I have no more excuses for not posting. After having 8 tests in the past 10 days, I have been just a little bit swamped so I cannot explain how happy I am to come up for a breath of air. ¬†While just about everyday for the past 10 felt like I was slowly and painfully crawling to the finish line, I can say it has been quite the knowledge-full journey and IT IS OVER….for now. ¬†I can say definitively that I have more knowledge in my head right now (even with the fact I’ve probably already declined since 10am yesterday) than I have ever had in my life. It¬†feels great to be the smartest I have ever been! ¬†Just don’t ask me about nicotinic antagonists, rate of sheer, toxiplasma gondii or blue baby syndrome in three weeks.

I just wanted to say what I few of my summer plans are so you know what I am going to be talking about in my blog that I actually plan to write in.

РPuebla Service Trip: Tomorrow I am going to Mexico through the MPSA Puebla Service Trip.  We will be conducting health-screens at clinics in rural Mexico. I CANNOT wait and will be do an exciting blog post upon my return!

-Camp Sioux: I will be volunteering as a pharmacy intern at a summer camp for children with Type I Diabetes in North Dakota.  I have always wanted to be a camp counselor at a sleep-away camp, so now I get my chance!

-IPPE: I will be doing my first year rotation at Allina Health Ritchie Pharmacy. ¬†I don’t have any experience in community pharmacy, so I am excited to learn about this new type of pharmacy.

РMarathon training- I have officially signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon in October, so there is no backing out now! While pharmacy school makes it a bit challenging to train as much as I would like, I am excited to finally have time to train (and to have it not be 0 degrees out)

Otherwise, I will be continuing to work at UMMC as an inpatient pharmacy intern and will be working on a research project with a toxicologist at Regions Hospital. ¬†It should be a very exciting and productive summer, with ¬†plenty of time for relaxation and fun too! While I don’t think Minneapolis weather has gotten the memo that it is summer yet, hopefully¬†it figures that out soon. ¬†Anyways, I want to thank my amazing classmates for a fantastic year and to all you blog-readers who (partially) read my sometimes ridiculous and long blog posts.





Wrapping up with Pharmacy Day

Hello Readers!

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year! It’s been a whirlwind with classes, preparing for rotations, and organization activities! Most recently, I had the pleasure of enjoying an afternoon of intercampus bonding with the Twin Cities campus at Pharmacy Day! This is my third Pharmacy Day, and was particularly special because it was kind of an unofficial end to my term as College Board president.¬† A huge shout out to Adley Lemke (PD 2 – TC) and the rest of the Pharmacy Day committee for putting on a great event! My favorite part (other than food, of course) was the student vs faculty/staff kickball game. I was really rooting for the faculty/staff team to win, but unfortunately, the students took home the trophy. I think part of the fun was planning with the other spectators how we could possibly steal the trophy because it was pretty awesome! (Abby, we can still drive down to the cities and snag it!)

Now that the fun and festivities of Pharmacy Day are over, it’s all about studying for finals. Unfortunately, motivation is pretty low, but it’s got to be done. I can’t believe that tomorrow is going to (hopefully) be my last day of class ever! I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll say it again, the time flew by! I’m a little sad that I won’t be around the campus anymore, hanging out with my classmates and the PD1 and PD2 friends, but I’m excited and ready for rotations and all of the new adventures that will bring. I doubt I’ll be blogging again before the end of the semester, but stay tuned in the coming months as I make my way through rotations!

For now, I’ll leave you with some pictures from Pharmacy Day (courtesy of Adley and Lidiane Gabeira)



Pharmacy Day Winners

^The winning team


^The Faculty/Staff team