The Great MN Get-Together

The Great MN Get-Together; also known as the State Fair.  This is probably one of my favorite things, so I was pretty excited to attend the State Fair for the first time in about 4 years this year!

While the State Fair was originally the place for farmers to showcase their animals and crops, over the years many educational displays and activities have been added.  The University of MN even has their own building where different colleges from the University can present research they are working on.  The College of Pharmacy even had a day in the building!

Some of my favorite things at the MN State Fair this year include;

1. Horticulture Building-

This year there was an entire section committed to Green Gardening. They had different displays on how to garden in more eco-friendly ways.


As always the seed art in this building never fails to amaze!!

IMG_0301             IMG_0302

There is always a great variety of scarecrows for the scarecrow competition, but I even thought this one was scary!


There were quite a few displays on Public Health issues this year as well; varying from topics such as bed bugs to why there were no birds at the state fair this year.  The public health aspect of the state fair I had never really thought about until seeing this booth.  Am glad that the state fair committee takes such great precautions to keep Minnesotan’s healthy at the state fair!


2. Riding “The Needle”

Okay, its’ official name is The Space Tower, but I always think it looks like a needle

Needle       IMG_0312

3. The Grandstand and the Amateur Talent Contest

It is so amazing to hear/see all the different talents from across Minnesota. One of my favorite acts this year was the performance of this original song called “Summer in Minnesota.” (She placed 3rd!)


4. The University of Minnesota Building

Free stuff! And I got to do some basic review of brain anatomy/physiology and brain disorders! It felt reassuring that I was able to remember some basic information (i.e. What kind of stroke is the result of extremely high blood pressure).



Because two brains are better than one!