A Pharmacy Student’s Nightmare

Since many of us take notes electronically in pharmacy school, many of dread the day when our note-taking device fails to turn on or gives us a screen that looks like this:

Unfortunately, this year seems to be the year for our computers to be making the trip to computer heaven.  While I have not had my computer die yet, I did suffer the loss of all my notes from second year, and half of first year when my iPad crashed when I updated it (thank you iOS 9).

Some lessons my classmates and I have learned along the way from trying to (and sometimes failing) at getting our notes back:

Back up your notes

It doesn’t matter where you are backing them up to; just back them up somewhere!!

Make sure your notes are actually backing up

It’s not very fun when the folder where your notes where supposed to backing up to automatically is empty.  Even worse when you discover your backed up notes do not exist when you are trying to restore your notes to your note-taking device.

Don’t panic/It could be worse

It’s not the night before finals, so you have plenty of time to get your computer fixed/re-listen to lectures/get notes from classmates!

Your Pharmily really is the best!!

Thankfully, there are many classmates who are more technology-savvy than I am and are always willing to answer their less-tech savvy classmate’s questions.  Also-thanks to Google Drive, e-mail, and Airdrop- it is not to hard to get copies of notes from classmates!


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