Whoa, we’re half way there

Hello Blog Readers!

First off- Happy MOLE DAY! (more specifically at 6:02 on 10/23/15). I am a little offended google didn’t change their logo but as a chemistry nerd at heart I can enjoy mole day for myself.


Anyways, it feel good to have 1 hour to sit down before a healthfair to document my life for the past month or so (or more) since I last posted!

I must say that the fear was real coming into second year after many words of caution from the year above me. But, I am happy to say, we have finally eclipsed the half way mark and it hasn’t been that tragic… yet. Thanks to little things like surprise donuts, inspirational quotes about the process of ubiquination and classmates dressing up as kangaroos, my class is still alive and kicking.

I have had some memorable experiences this fall and have many more to look forward to!

Firstly, myself and about 40 of my classmates who are/were in the Foundations of Leadership Elective got to enjoy an all-expense paid weekend at Rutger’s resort in Brainerd. While enjoying perfect fall weather, stunning lake views and an amazing food buffet, we learned all about different leadership concepts and how to effectively stay sane in pharmacy school by doing things that resonate with our values rather than just doing things because they are urgent.


The concept of “living in quadrant 2” (aka doing the things that are important to you but not necessary urgent, such as exercise, eating healthy and socializing with friends and family) leads perfectly into my next memorable moment of the fall. Besides trying to be an overly good student so I could go to bed super early every night, the whole first 6 weeks of the semester were devoted to me doing my final preparation for my first marathon, the Twin Cities Marathon!   Besides the moments where I splashed Powerade in my eyes and the entire mile 26 (…… and the 0.2), I enjoyed the every one of the 182 minutes I spent running.   It was perfect weather and I cannot wait to run another one…. After I enjoy a sedentary lifestyle for a bit.

IMG_0982 (1)running marathon

One thing (or many things) that I hope will be memorable is all of the information I have learned this year about the kidney, blood pressure and cardiovascular agents! The fact that I now about how in the world to use “JNC-8” (though I guess it isn’t really JNC-8) makes me so excited to apply this to fake case patients and real Phillip’s Neighborhood patients alike.

The next few weeks will be very busy with the APha MRM Region 5 conference next weekend and the Kappa Psi Northern Plains Conclave the following! I also have probably more tests/quizzes to count on one hand but I’m just going to forget about that for today.

I hope to give updates soon!

Go Class of 2018!

Only 934 days ‘till we become PharmDs!!

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