Better late than never?

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I'm Late

As always, I’m late in posting this .. I can’t believe 10 weeks have gone by since I finished my Acute Care rotation at Methodist Hospital in Saint Louis Park, but I definitely haven’t forgotten how wonderful the experience was.

I will admit, I was a bit frightened before I started there. I had heard stories of how intense the rotation was and how much work it was. It’s true, it is hard work; but it’s totally worth it! I learned an insane amount during my 10 weeks at Methodist. Now, I’m not a very inpatient oriented person, and I knew this going in. But I wanted to make the most out of my time there, and the pharmacy team definitely met me half way. All of the pharmacists were super great about tailoring my experience to have a little bit of an outpatient focus wherever they could throw it in. From kinetics to warfarin dosing, I learned the inpatient side as well as outpatient pearls.

The additional projects like Journal Club and the CE presentation with my preceptor Anne Schullo-Fuelner were great opportunities for me to brush up on all of the information that I pushed out of my head during school. Anne taught me an insane amount about how to critically read and interpret journal articles, and I was able to put those skills to use during my current rotation and impress my preceptor! :-). And I can’t forget the residents for all of their help and feedback from when we conducted our Journal Clubs and gave our CE presentations.

Although I did spend quite a bit of time at Methodist on a daily basis, I would say every minute was worth it. I was constantly learning, and it was a great atmosphere to do it in. All of the pharmacist are very friendly, Anne was a fantastic preceptor who, I feel, really got to know me as an individual and helped me get the most out of my experience. And I can’t forget my partner in crime, Yan Yan Huang- I think we definitely supported each other through the more difficult days, and had quite a few laughs together!

I definitely would recommend this rotation to all of the future PD4s! I know I’ve said that about all of my rotations, but I guess I have been very lucky and had some fantastic rotations!

Thank you Anne and the Methodist team for a wonderful Acute Care rotation!!!

(Stay Tuned for a post about Ambulatory Care. Hopefully I can get that done BEFORE I start my next rotation at SafetyCall)

1/8 Pharmacist…TO BE

After hand in my biochem final exam, finally, I have survived through the first semester in my pharmacy school in the United States. I am so excited and satisfied now, so I would like to share my feelings and experiences at U of M.

As an international student who came to the U.S. 127 days ago, you may hard to imagine how difficult for me to adjust the life and study here. The two main difficulties for me are language and culture. I still remember in the Becoming a Pharmacist, listening to the lecture was just like another TOEFL listening test. I tried to talk with other students in my class, but sometimes, especially when they speak too fast I could not catch up with them. This made me feel upset, but also inspired me to put more efforts in practicing. Now, I believe my English have improved a lot, which makes me more confident to talk to people.

For the curriculum in this semester, I really love the combination and interaction between Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmaceutical Skills Lab. To be specific, in Foundation of Pharmaceutical Care, I grasp the basic step to consult a patient and understand his or her main medication-related problems. Although I do not have much exact knowledge in each drug, it is important and useful to build the basic frame. On the other hand, I was afraid to get S- in labs at first, but I gradually understand the idea that the mistakes we make during class are a great way to remember the materials and master the skills, which would help us better serve our real patients. It is far better to make mistakes here than to make mistakes when you are doing your IPPE and APPE. Therefore, I know the systematic patient education steps and I am looking forward to having chances to practice in the future.

Additionally, the mentoring program is wonderful! Due to my special background, I treasure any opportunity to be exposed to a real pharmacy setting. My mentor is an owner of an independent pharmacy in St. Paul. My mentor’s passion for pharmacy and devotion for community health enlighten my future in truth. What we need to focus is not making profits from delivering the medications, but trying our best to combine our knowledge and our warmth to help patients.

Anther point I need to point out is Interprofessional collaboration. We have FIPCC this semester, due to this part of the seminar we have the chance to interact with other professional students. What a great linkage between us! Everyone is essential and important in the whole healthcare team; we must make the positive contributions from different aspects.

In reality, I miss my family and my friends in China. Thanks to the Skype, because of this, I could feel that they are around me and they support me all the time.

Finally, I really want to thank my friends who company me and help me during my hardest time. In addition, I cannot miss mentioning our table 8-THAT YUNG 8 MILE! I know I am a little bit shy, but I still would like to thank you all for the encourage and understanding! Hope we could make more progress in the future!

Wish everyone has a nice winter break!

PharmFlix 2015

In the words of our Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance (MPSA) President today,

“WE DID IT!!!”

In the seven years that the American Pharmacist Association has held the PharmFlix Competition, the University of MN has never submitted a PharmFlix Video. Until now that is…

So what is the PharmFlix Video Contest? In the words of APhA it is “a way for student pharmacist to showcase their professionalism while also expressing their creativity by creating short public service announcements (PSA).”

And so, without further ado, please sit back, relax and enjoy the University of MN-College of Pharmacy 2015 PharmFlix Video!