Congratualtions are in order..

Congratulations to the class of 2016!!! We made it!!! Through thick and thin we persevered. At times we soared high and at other times we “rode the struggle bus” through long tunnels where we could hardly see the light. With the support of our friends, our family, the staff and faculty of the U of MN’s CoP, and of course our pharmily, we left no hurdle standing in our race to the finish. However, the finish line of this race doesn’t mark the end; rather it marks a new beginning for each of us. As we walk across that stage, we accept the great responsibilities that await us, the responsibility of caring for patients. There is an entire world out there, waiting for the greatness that each and every one of us holds, and I’m confident that as the class of 2016, we will not only deliver but we will excel. During the past four years, I’ve come to know and love a great group of people that didn’t let the distance between two campuses separate us. I’m thankful for every moment I’ve had with each and every individual I’ve met along this journey, and for those that have supported me through every step of the way. At the end of the very long journey as a student, I say congratulations to my peers and give a fair warning to the rest of the world as the class of 2016 is ready to take on any challenge that is thrown our way! Look out world, here we come! Congratulations to the class of 2016!  I look forward to sharing every shining moment we bring through our work as the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy’s newest class of Doctors of Pharmacy!!!

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