¼ Pharmacist…TO BE

Sorry for my late update! I hope you could still remember me, a Chinese girl with full passion and enthusiasm in pharmacy.

Last week we finished our first year of pharmacy school, which was too soon to be true. I can still recall the days when I just came here, how homesick I was, how struggling I was, how lonely I was. But after the whole year in pharmacy school, everything is getting better. And my parents will come and visit me during this beautiful summer, so excited!

At the beginning of the spring semester, I set several goals for myself. Luckily, at the end of the semester, I made all of them! Firstly, I got the community pharmacy intern position at the Fairview Hiawatha Clinic, I really satisfied with this match. Compared to the busy hospital internships, I prefer the community settings, where I believe I could use my knowledge serve and help the community, the people around me. Thanks for my preceptor Dr. Krier for choosing me! Secondly, I won the Melendy/ Peters’ Summer Research Scholarship under the guidance of Dr. Straka, I will spend this summer doing my project regarding cardiovascular pharmacogenomics through the direct mentor by Dr. Straka and Dr. Roman as well as the Clinical and Translational Science Institute Advanced Pathways to Research Program. I am super excited about the research project! During my undergraduate, I did several research projects of cardiovascular research, after the introduction to pharmacogenomics through pharmacology course, I was fascinated by this charming area, I hoped I could have a chance to know more and learn more in this area. How lucky I was, this dream came true. Thirdly, my grade in this semester is better than last semester, which reflects my hardworking in my courses, keep going, I can make it better in the future! Fourthly, I attended several volunteer activities including Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) One Walk to raise the awareness of Type 1 diabetes in the efforts of finding a cure, Give Kids a Smile Day which introduced the pharmacy profession to under-served children, Twin Cities Regional Science Fair which evaluated middle school students’ science project presentations. Finally, I was awarded the Best Multicultural Pharmacy Student Organization (MPSO) Member of the Semester, this news really bright my days during the final week!

My plan for this summer: I will start my IPPE at CVS from next week, then I will focus on my research program as well as my intern at Fairview till PD2 starts. I am looking forward to experiencing an enjoyable and full summer “break”!

As a PD2-TO-BE student pharmacist, I am ready!

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