Flu Season is Here!!!

Hello blogosphere!

Remember in elementary school when Flu season meant substitute teachers, half the class out sick, and staying home watching cartoons?

In Pharmacy School, Flu season means the start of immunization season.  For my classmates who work in community pharmacies while in school, it means getting to give a lot of vaccines, which we learned how to do at the end of our PD1 year.  Since I do not work in a retail setting, I signed up for the Immunization elective, which involves learning how to set up an immunization clinic and participating in the Immunization clinic that health services puts on at UMD for students, faculty, and staff.  Last night we had our training so we know the different roles and jobs that we will be doing for the immunization clinic.  We also ran through different scenarios to practice what to do if someone is really nervous about getting their flu shot, faints, etc.  At the end we got to give each other our flu shots. We also had a surprise visitor at the end of our session! Our own Dean Seifert!  My classmate, Alex, bravely volunteered to give the Dean his flu shot!