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You Can Go Surfing on Lake Superior!


Okay, maybe if I was actually a surfer, this would entice me to come to Duluth for a weekend. (There are things I enjoy about winter, icicles hanging off of my face just doesn’t happen to be one of them).  However, lucky for us, it was a good enough reason for Dr. Peter Kreeft to come to Duluth and speak at the annual White Mass that is put on by the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) here in Duluth!


Our speaker Dr. Peter Kreeft (center) with Dr. Harvieux (L) and Dr. Skorich (R)

I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the CMA during the last two and a half years, and it makes me sad that this may be my last White Mass until after graduation depending on where I end up for rotations. Getting the opportunity to get together with other health care professionals who share my faith has been a Godsend during some rough weeks over the last few years!  It has given me tools to help me integrate my faith into my life and career in the future (while remaining respectful of others’), as well as helping define my own values and beliefs so that I have a better sense of what I would be comfortable doing/not doing as a health care professional.


From left to right: Dr./Deacon Egan, Bishop Sirba, Deacon Brannan, and Father Muhich. Their support helps make St. Raphael’s Guild and the White Mass possible!


It has also been really amazing to watch the Guild grow over the last two years and has given me a great appreciation for how much persistence you sometimes need when leading change in the real world! Especially since it is sometimes hard to see the long term changes you are making to organizations in pharmacy school since we are only on campus for three years and the leaders of the organizations are often in the leadership role for a year or maybe two.  This year the White Mass was the most highly attended that I had seen (tickets for the dinner after actually sold out!), and it was really inspiring to see a such a large inter-professional group of health care providers come together outside of the hospital/clinic setting!


Our President and Secretary/Treasurer; Dr. Skorich and Dr. Harvieux