Interprofessional Kudos from Dr. Stratton!

“Kudos to the 17 Duluth PharmD Students who teamed with 1st or 2nd-year Duluth Med Students to work up and present “mystery cases” in the Med School’s Clinical Pathology Conference (CPC) course this past year.  Each team of 2 PharmD students and 4-8 Med Students was given a patient case describing only the patient’s presenting complaint and symptoms.  The team then came up with a diagnosis and treatment plan, created a 20-30 minute Power Point presentation describing their case, and presented the case to a class of Med Students and faculty from both the Medical School and College of Pharmacy.  Each team then fielded questions about the case from the audience.
The last CPC case presentation for the school year involving PharmD students just concluded this morning!  (The Spring term for MS1 students does not end until mid-June.)
Student Pharmacists from the College of Pharmacy in Duluth have participated in these interprofessional sessions since 2006.  Although the Med Students present these cases as part of a course assignment, Student Pharmacists participate strictly on a volunteer basis for their own professional development.
Over the years, several PharmD students have volunteered to participate in more than one case, while other years we have a waiting list of PharmD students wanting to take part.  Both of these situations speak to the value that Student Pharmacists place on this activity.  Students and faculty from the Medical School are also always appreciative of the contributions that the PharmD students make to the case workups and presentations.
Please join me in congratulating the following team members for representing Pharmacy so well in this year’s CPC presentations:
Alyssa (PD3) and Tonia (PD2)
Julia (PD2) and Ally (PD2)
Linh (PD2) and Dalya  (PD2)
Shane (PD2) and Karla (PD1)
Megan (PD1) and Tuesday  (PD1)
Sara (PD2) and Julia (PD2)
Anthony (PD3) and Max (PD3)
Maria (PD2) and Julia (PD2)
Kelsey (PD2) and Michael (PD2)”
Tim Stratton, PhD, MS, BCPS, FAPhA
Senior Associate to the Dean for Assessment & Accreditation
Professor, College of Pharmacy Duluth