Welcome! I am a 2nd year pharmacy student at the Twin Cities this fall of 2014. I hail from the land of surfers, movie stars and everlasting sunshine…. California! Before, you have to ask why I came all the way out to Minnesota for pharmacy school, I will just answer: 1. my town of Davis (where I also graduated as a Biochemistry major at UC Davis) does not actually have any of the three things listed above 2. (the real reason) I was eager to explore a new area of the country and was sold by the amazing innovation in pharmacy practice that U of M pharmacy students get to experience every day.

While I am not sure what area of pharmacy I am going to go into, I know the resources, faculty and opportunities at U of M will prepare me for whatever path I take. I am currently thoroughly enjoying my position as an inpatient pharmacy intern at UMMC Fairview and am eager to explore many other areas of pharmacy

Besides being an aspiring pharmacist, I love the outdoors and being active- though I have been a long-time serious runner,I also love hiking, backpacking, road-biking and soccer. I also like food- a lot! I love trying new recipes and restaurants and have a history as a food blogger before acquiring this much more official blog position. Please contact me with any questions you may have about pharmacy, the U of M or applying out of state.. I would be more than happy to help. Go Gophers!

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