15937129_1576532129030081_8699394889015415291_oHey Everybody! I’m Jessica (or Jess) and I am a Duluth Class of 2020 student!

I am a born and raised Minnesota girl currently residing within walking distance of the shores of Lake Superior. Although I have lived all over the state, I like to consider Duluth my hometown since I have lived here for the past 17 years.

I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Studies. I spent a lot of time on the St. Paul campus. For those of you who aren’t from around here, that’s where the agricultural school is (and the grounds for the Minnesota State Fair!), so it was not unusual to see cows walking the streets! I also managed to get a Pharmacology minor during my four years in the metro.

I am currently planning on pursuing a two-year residency after graduating pharmacy school with a specialization in pediatrics and neonatal and maternal care. While this is certainly a specialized field, I can already tell that what I am learning here and the opportunities that are offered through the school will make me well prepared to accomplish my goal!

Outside of school I like to spend my forever fleeting “free time” doing a number of different hobbies. I currently own a horse and enjoy taking lessons to improve our competitive skills. I LOVE to explore new places, so I am always down for an adventure. I have (sadly) never been outside of the country but I am constantly dreaming about traveling. I recently got my passport and have an endless list of places I would like to visit so hopefully my wishes will come true soon! I also enjoy photography, reading, any outdoor activity, and am a DEVOTED Disney fan.

I look forward to sharing my experiences in the coming years with everyone! If anyone ever has any questions feel free to send me a message!

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