Hi everybody! I’m Meg, and I’ll be your new blogger from the Duluth campus.

I’m originally from down by Rochester, Minnesota. The actual town doesn’t really matter because nobody has heard of it (Hayfield, anyone?). It was recently converted from a land of gentle hills and farmhouses to one of giant, endless wind turbines… if anyone would like to join me in a passionate discussion about better ways to secure clean energy, feel free.

I was a biology major in undergrad (Wartburg College, go Knights!), but I haven’t actually received my bachelor’s degree yet. My school offered a “3+” program which essentially allowed me to replace my senior year with my first year of pharmacy school. It’s kind of confusing, but all it really means is I’ll go back this May to graduate! And that I’m the baby of my class (more on that in a real post).

I’m an avid outdoors-woman, so be prepared for lots of nature in my blogs. Duluth is perfect for me; I spend all my increasingly elusive “free time” hiking, strolling along the beach, watching ships come in, and (soon) skiing. Northern Minnesota is one endless adventure, and I’m so excited to spend my next few years here.

I’m currently planning on completing a two-year residency after pharmacy school and hope to specialize in clinical pediatrics. Of course, I have a lot to learn and experience before I make any final decisions. I’m open to all ideas and looking forward to exploring the opportunities this field offers.

I’m also looking forward to giving you all insight on what it’s like to be a first year pharmacy student. If anyone ever has any question, feel free to message me!

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