It’s that time again in the COP… Movember!! It’s gonna start to get pretty creepy in COP! In case any of you don’t know what Movember is I’ll explain a little. During the month of November men grow their mustaches/beards throughout the entire month to raise money to support awareness for different men’s health issues.

This year UMD PharmD has created a new type of competition out of it. Each contestant has a jar for money donations. At the end of each week, the person with the worst/creepiest/least favorite mustache will be voted on by the amount of money in their jar. That person will then be asked to shave and leave the competition-Auf Wiedersehen. However, that individual can donate $10 to remain in the competition. Hopefully we can raise money to help support a great cause!

Last year the mustaches/beards got a little creepy. I didn’t even recognize some of my classmates by the end of the month! It will be fun to see what happens this year. I’m sure by mid Movember I will be ready for December!photo 1400215_556026527802856_456228920_o


If you would like to donate to the cause you can click on the link below!